Barb Keck

Barb Keck

Enjoying Three Years of Volunteering for Those in Need

Barb Keck spends winter months in warmer weather, but when she returns to Iowa, she joins her old and new friends, every Wednesday, putting expiration date labels on Meals from the Heartland bags that help to feed the starving. Volunteer - Barb

“Volunteers are told each week of the amount of packaging that has been done and where the packages have been sent. They keep us up to date to remind us that we are helping in this fight and making a difference,” Barb says. “It is amazing how many meals are sent out, whether it’s just to the Des Moines area or around the world.”

Barb, who has volunteered with us for three years, finds the experience upbeat and rewarding, because she knows that she is helping a starving child or a family in need somewhere in the world.

“When volunteering with Meals from the Heartland, you are doing what you can to help other people. There is always something for you to do. It makes such a big different, not just in Des Moines, but around the world. It’s something we can each do to help,” Barb says.

The impact that volunteers like Barb make is priceless, and we couldn’t do this without them. “When you hear about hunger and realize how bad it is, you feel the need to help out and the need to do something about it,” she says.

That’s why she will continue to volunteer and donate to Meals from the Heartland. “What Meals from the Heartland is doing is great, and I am so glad to be a part of it,” Barb says.