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We have a passion for ensuring people are fed, which led us to volunteering for Meals from the Heartland. We’ve focused on bag labeling, which involves taking the food bags and current expiration date labels to various local retirement communities, where residents, who otherwise might not be able to volunteer at the Meals location, place the expiration date labels on the bags. It’s so rewarding to engage with the residents who feel a real contribution in helping feed the world.



Sergio's community was hit hard by the recent earthquakes in Mexico, and many of his neighbors lost their homes. After receiving some of our meals, he was curious about where the food came from. He researched us and was touched as he read about Meals from the Heartland's mission and saw pictures of the many volunteers who made it possible. In his own words,

"We got some of your meals after the earthquake here in Mexico and I feel truly grateful for the help we received from you and the people that kept sending support after the disaster. I have no words to express how moved I am from your work...I looked for your organization to thank you and let you know we truly appreciate the effort of all volunteers."


Mexico Earthquake Survivor

Meals from the Heartland is THE BEST place to be a volunteer! I am so impressed with the staff and all the volunteers that show up every Tuesday morning when I am there to volunteer. It is a great group to spend a Tuesday morning with, and occasionally I volunteer for other events.

So many food insufficient people in our community both local and worldwide and this is my way of giving back, time and quarters! Since beginning my volunteer "job" at Meals from the Heartland I have "trained" myself NOT to spend quarters. The ingredients for each meal cost 20 cents, so I donate all my quarters. So come join us! Pack meals, fill a volunteer support spot, save your quarters!! See you soon!

Marilyn G.


As an FFA member, I strive to embrace the idea of “Living to Serve” which is a part of the FFA motto. Meals from the Heartland is an organization that has provided me with the means to serve others in a significant way. As a part of Lone Tree FFA Hunger Service Day, I've worked with MFTH to set up an annual packaging event at Lone Tree Community School in an effort to build a service-oriented culture within the community and educate students about the millions of people who face unimaginable challenges throughout the world. Meals from the Heartland has made the process simple and provides extensive opportunities for ambitious students to cultivate a global impact and serve others. I highly recommend reaching out to MFTH and discussing what you can do in your community to join the global movement to end hunger. The most challenging part is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.

Jaxon Mullinnix

Southeast Iowa FFA Vice President / Lone Tree FFA President

Matthew 25:40 The King (God) will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine (the hungry), you did for me. God can only feed His children who are hungry through MY HANDS, your hands. That is why I look forward, at age 82, to being God's hands two to three times a week being a packmaster and filling bins with rice and soy meal. Join us!

Dave A.