Help us reach our goals

On-going, timely and capital needs are listed here and can also be found at givedsm.org.



Your donation will go toward the campaigns listed on this page.

Your donation will go specifically to one of the GIVEdsm campaigns below.

On-Going Support: 94¢ of every dollar goes toward purchasing meal ingredients. Ingredients are NOT donated to us and are purchased using donations. Ingredients include rice, soy, vegetables, vitamins and pasta.

Each meal costs about 20¢ to make so your donation goes a LONG WAY toward feeding kids.

$52 feeds a child for one year
$104 feeds two children for one year
$208 feeds four children for one year
$2,850 provides a pallet of meals

Wrap the Walls: Our walls are blank canvases! Help us cover these walls! Your donation will go towards covering the bare Packaging Center walls with:

  • the faces of the precious children we are feed,
  • the countries our meals are distributed to,
  • our new logo and mission statement,
  • and more!


Your donation will also go toward purchasing and installing an exterior sign to clearly display our volunteer entrance.

Equipment: Equipment need TBA