Volunteer Roles


You will put volunteers into groups of 7-10 per table, fill meal bags and weigh, seal and stack them in boxes.  You may sign up individually or with others.

Pack Master:

Train, organize and supervise packagers at packaging stations, help with setup and clean up. Prior training with MftH staff is required. If you’re interested in attending training, contact us.

Bucket Brigade:

Refill rice and soy bins, restock vitamins and vegetables, help with setup and clean up. Does require a fair amount of lifting.

Event Greeter:

Welcome visitors, check in all volunteers, hand out hairnets and beard nets and answer questions. You may leave after the packaging event starts or you are welcome to stay and package.

Offsite Labeling Coordinator:

Take boxes of bags and labels to senior living facilities in the metro area and oversee the labeling events (1-2 hours in length). Must have reliable transportation and be comfortable lifting 30 lbs. All events have already been organized by the Volunteer Coordinator. If interested, contact us.