Since 2008, Meals from the Heartland volunteers have packaged over 65 million meals for starving people.



The Meal Packaging Process:

Locally sourced ingredients are packaged into meals hundreds of thousands at a time.
Then, our distribution partners ship meals to local food pantries, international disaster relief efforts and feeding initiatives throughout the world.



There is constant demand for more meals. Support our mission by donating what you can to feed starving people this holiday season.




When we feed families in need, we create opportunities for children.

Hungry children cannot grow or learn like healthy children. When they are fed a meal – whether through a feeding initiative at their school or from a food pantry – they live normal, healthy lives. This gives them the chance to break out of poverty.
When we take this burden off of parents who are struggling, they can spend more time looking for jobs, learning new skills and caring for their family.


Meet Kate

Kate lives in the Philippines.
Meals packaged by volunteers like you helped Kate discover God’s calling for her.