Hunger in America

Hunger in America

Amy Toensing/National Geographic/The New Face of Hunger

The New Face of Hunger
, an article published in National Geographic in 2014, is still a relevant picture of hunger in rural, suburban and urban America.

“It’s a cruel irony that people in rural Iowa can be malnourished amid forests of cornstalks running to the horizon.”
                – Tracey McMillian, The New Face of Hunger

The article is a fascinating account of four American families who struggle to eat daily. Perhaps the most shocking revelation drawn from their stories is that in America, obesity and malnourishment are directly correlated. This is due to cheap, processed foods that are easily available in grocery stores and food pantries. While in urban America, food deserts (areas without grocery stores nearby) are peppered with accessible, cheap, unhealthy fast food.


Hunger in America 2

Amy Toensing/National Geographic/The New Face of Hunger

At Meals from the Heartland, we want to eliminate the faces of hunger in America. In a country where many of us have more than enough, shouldn’t we answer God’s call to help those who don’t have enough?

Our meals are packed with vitamins and nutrition. If we can get enough of them to food pantries here in Iowa and throughout the country, we can ensure that these families have one less worry.


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