Private Event

For groups at the Patty Cownie Packaging Center in West Des Moines. Minimum 5,000 packaged meals and $1,250 donation to cover costs. Learn more.


Mobile Event

We bring the Hunger Fight event to you and provide all ingredients and packaging materials. You provide the volunteers and funding. Learn more.


Need Help?

We offer limited funding assistance for youth events. Contact us for information.

Sign Up for a Packaged Meals Event

Get involved with Meals from the Heartland, one of Iowa’s top hunger-fighting volunteer organizations! You and your business, school, church, or social group can help save starving children any time of year by sponsoring or participating in a Hunger Fight event. Join us at the Patty Cownie Packaging Center in West Des Moines, or we’ll come to you!

Use our handy Meals Calculator below to help you plan the number of volunteers and time you need to hit your packaged meals goal.


4 simple steps for using the Meals Calculator:

·         First, enter the total number of volunteers you anticipate at your event,

·         then choose the number of individuals to be placed at each table,

·         choose the time-frame for your event, and lastly,

·         enter the group makeup from the drop down menu.

Due to current COVID-19 safety measures, we suggest 6 people per table. We will place individuals from separate households/business groups as far apart as possible to follow social distancing guidelines.

View available resources for your Hunger Fight here.

Want more information? Let us know!