The Journey of Saving the Starving

When you donate to Meals from the Heartland today, you’re helping us fund ingredients and materials that allow volunteers to package lifesaving meals. You are taking part in the very first step of our mission to empower people to save the starving. The second step, obviously, is meal packaging. But once meal boxes are taped and stacked on pallets, secured and shrink-wrapped, where do they go? Some of them stay in our own backyard. If you’re packaging mac and cheese meals, you can be sure you’re preparing a meal for someone here in Iowa. Last year, one million meals fed


Empowering the Heartland

If you’ve volunteered at Meals from the Heartland, you’ve probably seen quite a variety of packagers—whether it’s elementary students on a field trip, fraternities giving service hours, professionals off work or retirees out of the house for the afternoon. Maybe you’ve stood across from someone new and learned their unique story. Every single volunteer who steps through our door contributes to our mission. Meals from the Heartland is such a special organization because of the people who’ve shaped it. We’re proud to bring together people from all kinds of organizations, interests and backgrounds to form a diverse group of volunteers


The Meals Have Arrived!

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Today, our new container arrived with Meals from the Heartland food for our new distribution center. There were some happy kiddos on the ground. And yes, that container on the truck will be loaded OFF that truck and set on our ground… somehow. Will inform you how it gets done later… Do you want to help fill up the next truck? We are inviting students, parents, families and all community members, ages five and above, to volunteer. Meals from the Heartland is ever grateful for the generosity of the community. We invite you to donate, helping us with preparation of packaging nutritious meals that will


As the Earth Shakes, the World Steps In

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It’s unbelievable how one day children and families can be going about their daily lives, studying, playing and working, while the next entire communities are flattened and thousands are left homeless and hungry, wondering how they survived and who of their family and friends were also spared… Navigating Disaster Relief in Nepal The tragedy continues to unfold in Nepal, one of Asia’s smallest, poorest countries, due to the massive 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude earthquakes that recently rocked the nation. We’re so thankful for passionate, on-the-ground partners like Convoy of Hope, that are working tirelessly to give hope and relief to


Banderas de Amor – Feeding the Hungry in Guatemala

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Driving an hour and a half up steep, barely driveable mountain roads, the team from Guatemala Landing Zone delivers meals to a remote village school in Chitucan, Guatemala. There, an ongoing record is kept of each child’s name, age and weight, so the team can check back every three months on the children’s progress. “When you get to ‘the ends of the earth’, that’s where Chitucan is,” says Mary Purvis, founder and director of Guatemala Landing Zone. “And if you bring Meals from the Heartland, you will be welcomed with open arms.” Victor and Isabela are two of hundreds of


Giving Hope in Haiti

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At age six, Kerlin Antoine was in the zero percentile for height and weight and, to make matters worse, lost both of his parents due to accidents. Living with his grandmother in a rural Haitian village, she lied about Kerlin’s age so he would be eligible for Many Hands for Haiti’s Thrive for 5 program, where children aged five and under receive food, including Meals from the Heartland meals, health care and other resources. Every day, Kerlin and his grandmother walk an hour and a half one way to attend the program. In just nine months, he gained eight pounds