THANK YOU For Helping Us Reach Our 2015 Goals!

thank you for helping us reach our 2015 packaging goal

We can’t begin to tell you just how blessed we’ve been! 2015 was a spectacular year, and we couldn’t have accomplished our packaging goal without our volunteers and partners. The generosity of time and donations remind us of the kindness of our community and we are so grateful to those who have made this accomplishment possible. Volunteers at a few of our biggest packaging events pulled in some really impressive numbers in 2015! Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: over 119,000 Iowa Hunger Summit: over 100,000 Spring Break and Special Spring Events: roughly 2,308,000 Annual Hunger Fight: more than 4,000,000 meals packaged! We want to


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Packaging Event

MLK day packaging event, Martin Luther King Jr Day, meals from the heartland

Life’s most urgent and persistent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ –Martin Luther King Jr. January 18, 2016 will mark the 33rd celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Reverend King was not only a champion of civil rights, but a teacher of the timeless values by which he lived his life: courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service. Meals from the Heartland will be offering packaging opportunities for volunteers all day on January 18, starting at 8:00am. Each shift lasts an hour and a half and can accommodate 60 bodies to package meals for the hungry here in


The Meals Have Arrived!

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Today, our new container arrived with Meals from the Heartland food for our new distribution center. There were some happy kiddos on the ground. And yes, that container on the truck will be loaded OFF that truck and set on our ground… somehow. Will inform you how it gets done later… Do you want to help fill up the next truck? We are inviting students, parents, families and all community members, ages five and above, to volunteer. Meals from the Heartland is ever grateful for the generosity of the community. We invite you to donate, helping us with preparation of packaging nutritious meals that will


Our New Truck Wrap!

meals from the heartland, sigler companies, kenny & gyl, food for the hungry, feed the starving, packaged meals distribution

We at Meals from the Heartland are excited about our new truck wrap! We would like to give out a special thank you to Sigler Companies of Ames for designing our new truck and Jon and Kevin Gyldenvand with Kenny & Gyl company for printing off the design and installing it on our truck. We think it looks great! Be sure to give a wave if you see us in your neighborhood!