Support Needed for Disaster Relief in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti’s southwestern coast on Tuesday. Intense storms with 145 mph winds are expected to cause extensive flooding and mudslides, destroying Haitian communities’ already unsound housing structures.

Significant damage is expected in many communities, which will worsen existing food insecurity in Haiti. 

Please Help

We already have a shipment of meals headed for Haiti through our partner, Convoy of Hope. We have an urgent need for financial support to ensure we can package and ship more lifesaving meals to struggling families in Haiti.


 Please enter “Haiti” in the Specific Hunger Fight field on your donation form.


UPDATE: 10/6/2016 Conditions Report

Read about the current conditions in Haiti on Tuesday:

“We’re expecting a lot of houses to go down because of the poor housing infrastructure in a lot of the rural areas where we work,” said John Hasse, an aid worker in Haiti with the humanitarian organization World Vision. “With wind this strong, it will be extremely damaging and dangerous and homes for the average person are made of mud and sticks or poorly constructed cinderblocks.”

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is already struggling to regain its footing almost seven years after an earthquake and ensuing cholera epidemic ravaged the nation. It is particularly vulnerable to vicious weather storms because it is one of the most deforested countries in the world: Less than 2% of the land still has trees.

The country also has relatively steep terrain as well, which can make it prone to landslides and mudslides.

– Kim Hjelmgaard, John Bacon and Susan Miller, USA Today

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