Package Meals for Haiti

Help us help victims of Hurricane Matthew. Come to our Packaging Center next week for Pack for Haiti.

Every meal packaged next week will feed people in Haiti.

We’ve been feeding kids in Haiti for several years through our distribution partner, Convoy of Hope.

In July, we learned about Laurette (right), who received Meals from the Heartland meals through her orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. At just twelve years old, Laurette lived in poverty with her grandma, often eating just one meal a day. When her grandma passed, she was dropped off at an orphanage in Haiti’s capital.

Her story goes from heartbreaking to hopeful when she became a part of Convoy’s Children’s Feeding Initiative at the orphanage. Laurette receives daily meals that are packaged by volunteers in Iowa. In July, Laurette’s message for those who provided her food was simple: “Thank you. May God protect you for providing for me.”

Please package meals with us next week, or donate online, so we can help children like Laurette during this distressing time.

Read about current conditions in Haiti.

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