Tips for Funding the Food

This tutorial contains instructions and tips for making the most out of your fundraising page on Fund the Food!

We are hunger fighters

Fundraising Goal

First, when you register to be a fundraiser on Fund the Food, you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal. Although you may not know an ideal goal amount right off the bat, it’s important to set one so that your prospective donors are motivated to help you reach it. $200-$500 is a good starting goal.

My Headquarters

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When your goal is set, you’ll arrive at your headquarters. The 6 tabs on the dashboard are My HQ (headquarters), My Webpage, Email, Reports, Tools and Community.

My Webpage

First, click My Webpage>Edit Personal Page to edit your fundraising page. It’s important to personalize your page as much as you can so your donors (likely your friends, family, coworkers, peers, etc.) know they’re helping YOU and Meals from the Heartland . Make your page stand out from others by editing or adding to the copy in the text box at the bottom of your personal page. Let donors know how important this mission is to you. For example, include a personal story, what Meals from the Heartland’s mission means to you, how you first discovered MftH, or include a special time you had packaging.

You are also encouraged to upload a new photo to your page. Some fun ideas: Make a sign and have someone take a photo of you or your team holding it, have someone take a photo of you packaging meals, or find a photo that represents your support for saving the starving. Just make it fun! Donors love to support meaningful, optimistic causes that are represented by fun, real people! The ability to be yourself on Fund the Food is what makes this online fundraising community so special. It’s truly a community.

Edit Personal Page also has an area for you to preview your fundraising page, but this is not what the finished page will actually look like. To see exactly what your page will look like, you must submit your edits and then click View Personal Page. This is how it will appear to donors when you send them the link to your page.


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Use the Send Email feature to send emails out to prospective donors. Use (and customize!) 5 email templates for either individuals or teams. Find these in the Templates dropdown box. Some of these emails require you to add in information, so read them carefully before sending out.

Plan communication with donors carefully. Some people need more motivation to donate than others. Send out an initial email to everyone you think would be interested in this cause. Remember to include family, friends and any networks that value philanthropy (for example; church groups, community organizations and associations, fraternities, friends looking for silver cord hours, etc.) Ask these groups to reach out to their contacts to reach an even broader audience.

Easily import existing addresses from your current email with the Address Book Import tab.


This section shows you how much you’ve raised so far, as well as specific donor data.


In this section, you can enter pledges, print off a hard copy donation form, edit your profile and login information.


This section is Hunger Fighter Chat. Post questions, comments and words of encouragement to other Hunger Fighters.

If you have any questions about Fund the Food, email us at Thanks for joining the fight!