Our New Online Fundraising Community

Get started here: http://fundthefood.kintera.org

Fund the Food for the Annual Hunger Fight

It’s time to rethink how we fund the meal packages that feed millions here in Iowa and throughout the world. Say “sayonara” to boring fundraising, awkwardly asking for money, or struggling to cover the costs of your hunger fight.

Now, fundraising for Meals from the Heartland is fun, exciting and rewarding for everyone! Introducing: Fund the Food. It’s an online community that allows individuals and teams to customize their own fundraising pages and engage friends, family and peers.

We want all of our Hunger Fighters to use Fund the Food to do just that before they package at the Annual Hunger Fight this year! Let’s see if we can reach our goal of $150,000 to package 5 MILLION MEALS! We are confident that we can. You won’t be able to register for the Annual Hunger Fight until August 1st, but you can start fundraising for the event NOW!

How to Fundraise for the Hunger Fight:

Create a team, join a team or fundraise individually to fund the meals you and thousands of others will package at the Annual Hunger Fight. In Fund the Food, click “Start Fundraising” to set a fundraising goal and then reach out to donors to meet your goal before the Hunger Fight. Celebrate your fundraising efforts and package some of your hard-earned meals at the big event at Hy-Vee Hall. Groups and individuals who raise the most money will be recognized at the event.

Ready to get started? Go to Fund the Food, and log in with your email or social media login.

Read our post, “Tips for Funding the Food” for information on customizing your page, attracting donors and making the most of your fundraising efforts.

How is Fund the Food different from Friends Asking Friends?

Our new fundraising community is still located on a Friends asking Friends platform, so if you’ve used Friends Asking Friends in the past, your login information will still be the same on Fund the Food. An updated design and easier navigation makes fundraising and donating on Fund the Food much more enjoyable. It’s easy to fundraise as an individual or to create your own team. Donors can sponsor an individual’s hunger fight, or make a general donation to the Annual Hunger Fight. The best way to learn about Fund the Food is to check it out yourself!