It’s Easier Than Ever to Change Lives

For many, it’s the overwhelming thought of changing the world that prevents us from doing so. You’ve seen the videos of suffering children on TV. It breaks your heart but you don’t call in to donate because you think, “Would my $10 really have an impact on that small child, thousands of miles away?”

At Meals from the Heartland, it is our mission to empower people to believe that they can make a difference. Due to the belief that they can save the starving, thousands of volunteers have packaged over 65 million meals through Meals from the Heartland since 2008.

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A Brand New Way to Help Us Change Lives

In fact, it is so easy to make a difference in the life of a suffering child in Africa, and for a struggling family here in Iowa.

Each of our meals costs just 20 cents to package. Our amazing volunteers package these meals weekly at our West Des Moines Packaging Center. Then, our distribution partners take thousands of meals from our warehouse and distribute them directly to orphanages, schools and locations where people are in need. If our Meals from the Heartland community continues to believe that we can make a difference, there’s no limit to the amount of lives we can change.

And now, there’s a brand new way to help us change lives. Next week, we’re launching our online fundraising community called Fund the Food. With this platform, anyone can create a fundraising page and start collecting donations online for Meals from the Heartland.

If a donor contributes just $5, they’re ensuring 25 people will get a meal. You can help us reach our fundraising goal on Fund the Food until the Annual Hunger Fight begins on August 31st. Then, you can help package all the meals you funded!

Sign up for Fund the Food starting Monday, June 20th. We can’t wait to save lives with you.

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