The Journey of Saving the Starving

The journey of saving the starving.

When you donate to Meals from the Heartland today, you’re helping us fund ingredients and materials that allow volunteers to package lifesaving meals. You are taking part in the very first step of our mission to empower people to save the starving. The second step, obviously, is meal packaging. But once meal boxes are taped and stacked on pallets, secured and shrink-wrapped, where do they go?

Some of them stay in our own backyard. If you’re packaging mac and cheese meals, you can be sure you’re preparing a meal for someone here in Iowa. Last year, one million meals fed hungry people here in the state. They were distributed through various food banks and pantries, including: DMARC, Food Bank of Iowa, Boys and Girls Club, Zion Lutheran, Grimes UMC, The Cupboard Ankeny and the Eddie Davis Center.

Some of our rice and soy meals feed people in Iowa as well, as part of a Combo Meal with DMARC food bank items. To read an in-depth report about Combo Meals and our local impact, read Fighting Hunger Here in Iowa.

The rest of the meals are shipped to international locations through our dedicated partner, Convoy of Hope. Last year, 15 million meals that were packaged right here in West Des Moines fed millions of people throughout the world. Specifically, (in order of quantity of meals shipped, greatest to least): Nicaragua, Haiti, Cambodia, Uganda, South Africa, Ukraine, Philippines, El Salvador, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Gallup, New Mexico in the United States.

So, when you’re donating online today, or pouring ingredients into a meal bag, know that your contribution is making our mission possible. Because of you, a meal will reach someone who needs it. Whether in a deteriorating village in Haiti or a food pantry in downtown Des Moines, you ARE making a difference.