Spring Break!

The weather is warm and sunny, there’s no school for a whole week, and you have time to burn – FINALLY! How will you spend it? Spring cleaning? Taking a road trip with friends? Digging your toes into the sand of a Southern beach or slaloming down a snowy peak?

Recharge your spirit by spending a couple of hours with us!

Meals from the Heartland invites you – and your friends, your family, your coworkers, your teammates – to join the fun and spend some time at our West Des Moines Packaging Facility, packaging meals for the hungry right here in Central Iowa and around the world! Every day next week, March 14-18, we have shifts available with a different dress-up “theme” for each day:

spring break beach day
BEACH DAY! Monday, March 14 – Put on your board shorts and your boat shoes, your Hawaiian shirts and your straw hats, and let’s all pretend we’re on a sunny beach far, far away!

spring break superhero day
SUPERHERO DAY! Tuesday, March 15 – Tights aren’t required but we won’t say no if you feel the need to wear some…Show your inner superhero to the world! You’ll definitely be saving lives by packaging meals!

spring break crazy sock day
CRAZY SOCK DAY! Wednesday, March 16 – The crazier, the better! Wild socks, your loudest neon striped shirts, it’s all good! Mix your stripes and checkers – we don’t care! – wear bowties, suspenders, pirate shirts or clown shoes. Let your silly side out!

spring break st. patrick's day
ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Thursday, March 17 – Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Cover yourself head to toe in GREEN and help us share the luck o’ the Irish! “May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.”

spring break school pride day
SCHOOL PRIDE DAY! Friday, March 18 – Polish your singing voice and bring your squad! Let’s see who knows their school song the best and who sings it loudest! Wear your favorite school gear and show your team spirit!


Pick a day, any day – pick as many as you want! – and come have some fun with your family and friends! Spend a couple of hours making life better for someone you may never meet, for your neighbors, for people who need your help just to put food on the table! (And if you really ARE going somewhere and can’t help this week, donations are always welcome and needed to cover the cost of the food we package.)

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
-Dr. Loretta Scott