We Love Hearing From Our Volunteers!

We have many different volunteer groups come through our doors – schools, churches, community groups, businesses. But it’s always the families and kids who come to lend a hand and who are moved by the experience who really touch our hearts!

Recently, we received a letter from a volunteer named Delaney. This sweet letter included a beautiful picture of Delaney as well as a $25 donation from her in honor of her First Communion. The letter reads:

volunteer letters, charitable donationsDear Meals for the Heartland,
I had my first communion a little while ago, My Grandpa and Grandma’s gift to me was that I got to choose a charity to give a check to, and I chose Meals for the Hartland because I helped package food there and it was fun helping people who couldn’t afford or didn’t have any food. My mom came with me and it was also fun working with people that like to do the same things as I do. I hope you use this money to help people.

Bless you,

Bless YOU, Delaney! Congratulations on your First Communion and thank you and your grandparents so much for your generosity!