Student Challenge 2015

student challenge 2015, packaging events, feed the hungry, end world hunger, meals from the heartland, meals packagingA seasoned volunteer, Tracy Linbo first became involved with Meals from the Heartland after hearing about it through her current position with Pioneer.  Working for a company whose main goal is to feed the world, Linbo did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to assist with the Meals from the Heartland Student Challenge Event.  And, now, after 7 years, she is leading the event for the very first time.

“I love working with the kids,” Linbo stated, “Our goal is to pack 300,000 meals with these students by the end of this event.”

So, then what makes her experiences with Meals From the Heartland so memorable?

“I just had a colleague return from Africa,” Linbo stated, “He not only saw children eating meals that came from Meals from the Heartland, but he also noticed that for some, that was their only meal of the day.  Knowing that we make an impact not just on the local community, but on the world as well is why I love volunteering with this organization.”

Tracy Linbo is currently serving as a board member for Meals From the Heartland.

For more information regarding how to become involved with the organization or a packing event, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Frandsen at