As the Earth Shakes, the World Steps In


It’s unbelievable how one day children and families can be going about their daily lives, studying, playing and working, while the next entire communities are flattened and thousands are left homeless and hungry, wondering how they survived and who of their family and friends were also spared…

earthquake in Nepal, convoy of hope, meals from the heartland, earthquake relief, food for the starving
Tens of thousands have been left homeless and are currently living in tents in Nepal. (Photo courtesy of Convoy of Hope)

Navigating Disaster Relief in Nepal
The tragedy continues to unfold in Nepal, one of Asia’s smallest, poorest countries, due to the massive 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude earthquakes that recently rocked the nation. We’re so thankful for passionate, on-the-ground partners like Convoy of Hope, that are working tirelessly to give hope and relief to the 450,000+ displaced, 19,000+ injured and countless mourning children and families of the 8,200+ killed in the quakes. At Meals from the Heartland, we are in close communication with Convoy of Hope to see how our meals will aid critical disaster relief plans for the shaken nation.

We anticipate that your meals, packaged at our facility in West Des Moines and around Central Iowa, will reach the earthquake victims in Nepal. Convoy of Hope’s team is currently assessing the situation and working with in-country leaders concerning logistics to provide relief. As essential infrastructure begins to heal, our meals can then begin to be shipped in. The country’s recovery plan will be long-term, and our meals will likely support ongoing feeding initiatives in the country, long after the earthquakes cease. Time will tell as needs are made clear, and we will work to keep all of our volunteers and donors updated on those efforts as we are able.

nepal earthquake, earthquake relief, food for the starving, convoy of hope, meals from the heartland
Locals help dig through the rubble caused by the massive earthquakes. (Photo courtesy of Convoy of Hope)

What You Can Do to Help
In honor of the Nepalese children and families in need, as well as other hurting communities in Iowa and around the world, you can pack meals during open packaging shifts at our facility in West Des Moines or host a private hunger fight of your own.

Please also consider helping fund the meals by donating online or sending tax-deductible checks to 357 Lincoln Street, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265. Since our meals cost just 20 cents each to package, any and all gifts truly make an impact on local and global hunger.

For ongoing updates in Nepal, you can visit Convoy of Hope’s website and Facebook page. Thank you for your compassion and partnership in alleviating hunger for the hurting world around us!

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