Banderas de Amor – Feeding the Hungry in Guatemala

Driving an hour and a half up steep, barely driveable mountain roads, the team from Guatemala Landing Zone delivers meals to a remote village school in Chitucan, Guatemala. There, an ongoing record is kept of each child’s name, age and weight, so the team can check back every three months on the children’s progress.

“When you get to ‘the ends of the earth’, that’s where Chitucan is,” says Mary Purvis, founder and director of Guatemala Landing Zone. “And if you bring Meals from the Heartland, you will be welcomed with open arms.”

Victor and Isabela are two of hundreds of villagers in Pacux, Guatemala, who also receive Meals from the Heartland. Surviving on just $53 a month, the couple truly relies on the rice-and-soy meals as one of their main sources of sustenance, as well as the fruit, tortillas and drinks the feeding program provides. The couple takes their meals home, sharing one for lunch and the other at suppertime. On Fridays, they save the second meal so they have something to eat on Saturday.

The Banderas de Amor (Banners of Love) feeding program is aptly named for its compassion and declaration to make sure as many children and families as possible do not have to go to bed and wake up hungry every day. We’re so thankful for dedicated, on-the-ground partners like the Guatemala Landing Zone to deliver the meals you package to those in need.

Loading up the truck, preparing for the long, bumpy rides to the villages.
Meals from the Heartland rice-soy meals served in Chitucan, Guatemala.
The Guatemala Landing Zone team weight checking school children in the village of Chitucan.
Victor and Isabela, a couple that relies on Meals from the Heartland daily.

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