Giving Hope in Haiti


At age six, Kerlin Antoine was in the zero percentile for height and weight and, to make matters worse, lost both of his parents due to accidents. Living with his grandmother in a rural Haitian village, she lied about Kerlin’s age so he would be eligible for Many Hands for Haiti’s Thrive for 5 program, where children aged five and under receive food, including Meals from the Heartland meals, health care and otWeb-sized (2)her resources.

Every day, Kerlin and his grandmother walk an hour and a half one way to attend the program. In just nine months, he gained eight pounds and grew six inches! This past fall, Kerlin also started Kindergarten, something that wasn’t possible for him without the support his family has received.

Thank YOU for playing a role in this life transformation! Every meal you package is one more opportunity to help children like Kerlin flourish.

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