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Help Us Feed 5 Million at the Annual Hunger Fight

Help us package 5 million meals in just 4 days. This is more than we typically package in one month. But, with the help of each one of our volunteers, we know we can do it. We need the help of our entire Meals from the Heartland community to make this event a success. Please take some time out of your week from Wednesday, August 31 to Saturday, September 3, to stop down at Hy-Vee Hall for just 2 hours to help package lifesaving meals for those who desperately need them. Stop by during your lunch break, or bring your family, friends


Help us Kick Off the Annual Hunger Fight

Help us kick off our 9th Annual Hunger Fight by packaging meals at the Jordan Creek Mall. Meal-packaging will be followed by the competition of the summer (no, not the Olympics) the celebrated Hy-Vee Cup! Take some time out of your day to package meals that will feed people right here in our community. If you’ve missed this event in years past, it’s also your chance to try Meals from the Heartland meals prepared by local chefs!  2016 Hy-Vee Cup What: Package at the mall with friends and family, then watch area businesses compete to see who can package the most meals within an hour at the Hy-Vee Cup! When: August 11


Represent your Organization at the Annual Hunger Fight

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This summer, Meals from the Heartland will host its 9th Annual Hunger Fight at Hy-Vee Hall, downtown Des Moines. Don’t miss the chance to represent your organization at this historic event! Support plays a critical role at the Annual Hunger Fight. We need 942 Support Volunteers to make this event a success. This includes: 25 Setup Volunteers *AHF exclusive role* 110 Box Makers *AHF exclusive role* 207 Event Greeters 420 Bucket Brigaders 150 Pack Masters 30 Cleanup Volunteers *AHF exclusive role* If you’ve participated as a packager in the past, now is a great time to try out a new role!


Hunger in America

The New Face of Hunger, an article published in National Geographic in 2014, is still a relevant picture of hunger in rural, suburban and urban America. “It’s a cruel irony that people in rural Iowa can be malnourished amid forests of cornstalks running to the horizon.”                 – Tracey McMillian, The New Face of Hunger The article is a fascinating account of four American families who struggle to eat daily. Perhaps the most shocking revelation drawn from their stories is that in America, obesity and malnourishment are directly correlated. This is due to cheap,


Tips for Funding the Food

This tutorial contains instructions and tips for making the most out of your fundraising page on Fund the Food! Fundraising Goal First, when you register to be a fundraiser on Fund the Food, you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal. Although you may not know an ideal goal amount right off the bat, it’s important to set one so that your prospective donors are motivated to help you reach it. $200-$500 is a good starting goal. My Headquarters When your goal is set, you’ll arrive at your headquarters. The 6 tabs on the dashboard are My HQ (headquarters), My Webpage,


Our New Online Fundraising Community

Get started here: Fund the Food for the Annual Hunger Fight It’s time to rethink how we fund the meal packages that feed millions here in Iowa and throughout the world. Say “sayonara” to boring fundraising, awkwardly asking for money, or struggling to cover the costs of your hunger fight. Now, fundraising for Meals from the Heartland is fun, exciting and rewarding for everyone! Introducing: Fund the Food. It’s an online community that allows individuals and teams to customize their own fundraising pages and engage friends, family and peers. We want all of our Hunger Fighters to use Fund the Food to do just that before they package


It’s Easier Than Ever to Change Lives

For many, it’s the overwhelming thought of changing the world that prevents us from doing so. You’ve seen the videos of suffering children on TV. It breaks your heart but you don’t call in to donate because you think, “Would my $10 really have an impact on that small child, thousands of miles away?” At Meals from the Heartland, it is our mission to empower people to believe that they can make a difference. Due to the belief that they can save the starving, thousands of volunteers have packaged over 65 million meals through Meals from the Heartland since 2008. A Brand New Way to Help


Thank you, Hunger Fighters

Big News:   We’ve secured our total donation amounts from the Give Local Des Moines event at the beginning of May. Although there were technical issues on the giving site, we were able to raise OVER $40,000 (!!!!) with matching funds — through the giving site and through our website on May 3 and 4.   We’ll use these donations to continue to feed millions at Hunger Fights in our packaging center and at our Annual Hunger Fight this year at Hy-Vee Hall.   We want to recognize the overwhelming support we received at this event. This AMAZING contribution would


Annual Hunger Fight 2016

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Save the date: This year’s Annual Hunger Fight will take place over Labor Day Weekend, August 31 – September 3 at Hy-Vee Hall. Registration will open August 1st. To fundraise for the event, use our new online fundraising community – launching in June.


Fight Hunger with your Best Shot

If you love golfing, don’t miss this chance to spend a day on the course while funding thousands of meals. Get your team together and join us at Copper Creek on June 14 for a tournament that benefits Meals from the Heartland! Register now to reserve your spot. Hole sponsorship opportunities are also available. Contact Jim Stanley at 515-251-2814 or with questions. Details What: 4 person best shot tournament sponsored by DLL Finance LLC. All proceeds benefit Meals from the Heartland. Where:  Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Morning and afternoon tournaments with potential start times at 8am and 1pm. Lunch provided at

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