Sponsor a private Hunger Fight at our Packaging Center!
357 Lincoln Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

We will provide:

  • Food ingredients (funded by your organization), packaging materials, equipment and setup.
  • Education, training and support. We can help with planning and will be present during the event for set-up and orientation.
  • Fundraising suggestions and support if needed.
  • Transportation of food to mission partners for distribution to children and families in need.

What you need to sponsor a Hunger Fight:

Funding: The cost to produce one rice and soy meal is 20 cents, or $1.20 per bag. The cost to produce one macaroni and cheese meal is 25 cents, or $1.50 per bag. Your group will need to raise the funds to purchase ingredients for the meals packaged at your event.

Volunteers: 10 volunteers per packaging line will average 2,000 meals per hour. 7-10 volunteers per packaging line are recommended with a maximum of 100 volunteers per shift.

Clean up: Volunteers to help sweep floors, wash dishes and put away packaging equipment and containers at the end of the event.

For more information:
Download our Packaging Center Hunger Fight Guidelines for more information. Contact us with additional questions.