Bring the Hunger Fight to you. Fund and participate in an event at your location.

We will provide:

  • A staff member or qualified volunteer to be present during the entire event.
  • Education, training and support. We can help with planning and will be present during the event for set-up and orientation.
  • Food ingredients (funded by your organization), packaging materials/supplies, and all necessary packaging equipment.
  • Fundraising suggestions and support if needed.
  • Transportation of food to mission partners for distribution to children and families in need.

What you need to sponsor a Hunger Fight:

Funding: The cost to produce one rice and soy meal is 20 cents, or $1.20 per bag. The cost to produce one macaroni and cheese meal is 25 cents or $1.50 per bag. Your group will need to raise the funds to purchase ingredients for the meals packaged at your event. Your minimum goal should be 20,000 meals.*

Facility: Size needed depends upon how many packaging lines, amount of food you plan to package and number of volunteers who will be onsite. Meals from the Heartland staff can help define the appropriate space for the estimated size of your group and meal goals.

Tables: 2 8-foot tables per packaging line (7-10 people) preferred.

Electrical: Power is needed at one end of the packaging line (for the heat sealers).

Volunteers: 10 volunteers per packaging line will average 2,000 meals per hour. You’ll also need volunteers to help set up, clean up and wash packaging equipment.

Transportation of equipment: If Meals from the Heartland provides transportation a trucking fee will apply. If you provide the transportation, contact us for specifications.

Audio: A radio or microphone for music, announcements and education information about Meals from the Heartland during the packaging process is suggested (not required).

Waste management: recycling or disposal of waste after the event.

For more information:
Download our Hunger Fight Guidelines for more information. Contact us with additional questions.

*The minimum number of meals to be packaged increases the further the mobile event is from Des Moines.